Who We Are

The International Association of Cigar Sommeliers (IACS) is a group of individuals who not only share their passion for the fine handmade premium cigars but also a common goal: to provide the world’s finest and most complete cigar service and education.

The IACS’s certified instructors bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds. Among our instructors are agronomists, hospitality consultants, businessmen, importers, distributors, and retailers. What binds our network of instructors together is a love for sharing their experience and knowledge with students and the common goal of helping both cigar lovers and hospitality professionals to become experts on the tobacco world.

Cigar Professionals

Tobacco Connoseurs

Hospitality Professionals

What We Do

The International Association of Cigar Sommeliers (IACS) approaches cigar education from a holistic perspective. Our curriculum is progressive, broad, and provides students with up-to-date industry information. Our programs cover not only the basic cigar knowledge (For all the tobacco regions), but also pairing techniques, spirits education as well as service and management tools for retailers and hospitality professionals.

The International Association of Cigar Sommeliers (IACS) provides online and classroom based education. All of our instructors are provided with standardized knowledge, instructional manuals, presentation materials, and examinations to ensure consistent, high quality education in all of the IACS’s educational deliveries.

How We Do It

One of the IACS’s most important goals is to provide our students with a standardized, globally-relevant curriculum. All of our certified Master Cigar Sommeliers are asked to contribute to the knowledge base which informs our curriculum. Our instructors attend teacher training sessions where their own experiences contribute to the development of IACS’s course material.

In essence, every IACS course expresses the sum total of the knowledge and experience of all of our Master Cigar Sommeliers. Our students and graduates become part of this extraordinary community of hospitality and cigar professionals.


We set the standard

Our group of expert Master Cigar Sommeliers came together to build a curriculum with an international standard to assure that anywhere our Cigar Sommeliers go, they'll showcase the upmost quality.

We reach it

Each of one of our instructors has met all qualifications of the Master Cigar Sommelier Diploma to assure that our students receive proper training.

We teach it

We at IACS have prepared a variety of both online and face-to-face courses to train, evaluate and certify our students.