[Bucharest] Cigar Sommelier Diploma (CSD)



Certainly, the IACS Cigar Sommelier Certificate is the most complete and recognized cigar education degree all over the world. In this course, the participant will acquire all the technical knowledge of tabacco. They will be able to perform complex organoleptic analysis, and suggest extraordinary pairings. In adittion, they will be capable to provide advice on tobacco management. Therefore, the participan will become an expert and key opinión leader in the fascinating world of cigars.

Above all, alumni of this program will be part of the global network of tobacco professionals, accessing to our exclusive materials and events all over the world.

– Sommeliers and hospitality professionals
– Tobacconists and Cigar Clubs Managers
– Cigar producers and distributors
– Aficionados and connoisseurs

This diploma will be held from January 28 to February 1st 2019, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Bucharest, Romania. The sessions includes theory and practice through wine, spirit and cigar tasting.


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