Committed with the communities

During 2018 a percentage of our earnings will be destined to fund scholarships of the Dominican Republic Sports and Education Academy (DRSEA).

This nonprofit is aimed at giving talented baseball players the option of attending U.S. colleges and universities on athletic scholarships.

The Dominican Republic has embraced baseball more passionately than any other country and some of the best baseball players in the world come from there. Unfortunately, most rarely obtain even a high school degree. Players in the Dominican Republic can sign professional contracts at 16, so education is usually bypassed in pursuit of the dream of success in baseball. However, a very limited number of this young athletes make it to the MLB, the others are destined to come back to the DR after losing valuable years of education.

The DRSEA aims to provide young baseball players with an option by preparing them both academically and athletically to succeed. The academy will be able to take gifted baseball players and prepare them academically for the college classroom. The academic program will exceed the minimum requirements for college eligibility now required by the NCAA. Some of this young men will become MLB players after college, the others will come back to the DR with a higher education degree.